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Town Centre Area

Tour Guarantees 


✓  Professional, experienced and licensed tour guide

✓  Small groups (5-20 people max.)

✓  Reserved spots on the tour

Tour Sites

Want to know the full history of Gibraltar? Join us in this very exciting walk where you'll get to learn all about us Gibraltarians, our culture, our wars, our ancestry... our everything! You'll be able to take fascinating pictures along the way. You will be surprised to find how much history there is and so much to do in just about 6.55km²!!

✓  Devil's Tongue (Rooke Memorial - Meeting Point)

✓  Landport Gate

✓  Casemates Square

✓  Glass Blowing Exhibition

✓  Irish Town

✓  'La Piazza'

✓  Art Gallery

✓  Parliament

✓  King's Bastion

✓  Cathedral of St Mary the Crowned

✓  Gibraltar Museum (We will not enter)

✓  Law Courts

✓  The Convent

✓  John Mackintosh Hall

✓  Charles V Wall

✓  Trafalgar Cemetery

✓  Alameda Gardens

✓  Wellington Front
✓  Main Street

✓  Post Office

…and more

Tour Information

This tour is completely FREE!


You may contribute your guide as much as you thought your tour was worth, we shall highly appreciate it and motivate us to continue educating about Gibraltar. 


Please make your booking online so your reservation can be assured.


The Bay of Gibraltar

A dolphin-watching trip is the most enjoyable way of seeing these fascinating mammals up close and there are two companies to choose from. The dolphins in the bay and strait area can be seen nearly any day, primarily the Common Dolphin, Bottlenose Dolphin and the Striped Dolphin.

Dolphins are very sociable animals, spending almost all of their time in the company of others of their species. The groups of dolphins can range from very few, to several hundred, living and working together. They will work together to gather food, help each other to sleep, to give birth to new infants or to assist when another dolphin is ill or injured. These cetaceans can be found in various haunts around the coast of Gibraltar where they feed on sardines, herring, squid, anchovies and flying fish and have been known to dive to a depth of about 280 metres.

*Description courtesy of Gibraltar Tourist Board*

20% Discount if you book with us!

Re-Enactment Parade
Re-enactment Parade

Town Centre Area


Since the capture of the Rock in 1704, the Keys of Gibraltar have symbolised the possession of the Fortress by Great Britain.  The Keys have come to be regarded as the seals of office of the Governor and as such are handed over from one Governor to the next.

During the Great Siege (1779-1783) the Governor, General Elliot wore the keys at his belt constantly except when he handed them to the Port Sergeant.  As the Sunset Gun was fired, the Port Sergeant, accompanied by an armed escort, would lock the gates in the North Wall at Landport, Waterport and Chatham Wicket.  The keys would be returned to the Governor.  The following morning  the Port Sergeant would collect the keys again, reopen the gates and hand back the keys to the Governor for safe keeping.


After peace was restored in 1783, drums and fifes accompanied the Port Sergeant and his escort to warn aliens to leave the Rock before the gates were closed.  This procedure was carried out each evening without interruption for approximately 140 years until discontinued some time after the First World War.


Every Saturday morning (weather permitting) a group of dedicated volunteers parade down the Main Street in period costume reviving this ceremony of the keys, a colourful event which adds flavour to the bustle in town on Saturday mornings.

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