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Khubchands is proud to be able to trace its trading roots all the way back to 1893 when three Sindhi businessmen decided to establish a partnership in the busy port of Gibraltar. These three gentlemen, named Bulchand Daswani, Khemchand Mahtani and Mulchand Dialdas, set up shop in Main Street and eventually all three branched out on their own. Bulchand’s first son Khubchand (which literally  means “beautiful moon”)took over the reins in the 1920’s and played a part in the Rock’s business and finance expansion, being also an active member of the Scottish lodge locally.

In those days the business aimed to serve the Garrison, the visiting Royal and Merchant Navies, and the Spanish frontier workers and the items sold consisted mainly of textiles and garments, novelty items, lighters etc.

In 1940 as World War II began, Khubchand had to take his family of a pregnant wife and five children back to India as Gibraltar had been deemed no longer safe. Tragedy struck and the whole family perished leaving only Krishna and Tirathdas and their uncle Chularam to carry on the business. Khubchands was subsequently established and Krishna took over in 1949.


Khubchands has become an icon on Gibraltar’s Main Street and has managed to remain a major player in providing this blessed city with the best of innovative and entertaining products.  With timepieces being a major success story with both Seiko and Casio brands, Khubchands were the first to import and market a large number of “special” products that today many Gibraltarians fondly remember. The ZX Spectrum, the Commodore 64, the first Nintendo game and watch and subsequently the SNES were big hits.  JVC and the VHS recorder and cameras will also be remembered by many.

Today the outlet at 55 Main Street is a “favourite” with many locals and visitors alike. The company aims to continue to be a major player on Main Street and provide its clientele with the best in innovation and electronics for many years to come. We also provide free delivery to the customers and some great aftersales services that totally satisfy the experience of buying from Khubchands.

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